As a struggling teenager, I once asked Dad why he was a Christian. He answered, “When you can show me a better way to live, I’ll consider that.” I liked the goal.


Later, as a scientist, life-long Christian and lay theologian, I became interested in the roles joy and truth played in my life and in the lives of others. When the love letters of my parents surfaced after their funerals, I was naturally drawn to those life views that somehow brought them joy in their surroundings and in each other even in the midst of financial difficulty. In studying their letters, it quickly became clear that they were listening to something that resonated when things sat right with them and dampened when they didn’t—their soul’s tuning forks.


We all have a tuning fork. It is in place at birth—exquisitely manifest when the cries of a just-delivered baby are silenced by its mother’s comforting arms. Although the keys that set a particular tuning fork resonating vary from one person to the next, we can often take another’s keys and fashion analogous ones for ourselves. Hopefully this website will, in some small way, help you embellish your keys in ways that bring a clearer tone to your tuning fork and a more satisfying resonance with its sounding board of joy.



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